Desire’e Dances


I was extremely lucky to have been able to photograph a couple members of Body Logic Dance Company, on my last trip to my hometown of SLC, UT.  I was soooooo happy to be able to spend a shoot with Miss Desire’e Simons, a 2nd year member of the company, and a beautiful mover-and-shaker! After I left the SLC, and subsequently the dance company, Des joined, and I have been truly sad that I never was able to really know this woman.  So this shoot was a fantastic way to get to know her, see her dance moves (which were awesome!), and catch up on BLD company news. If you are in SLC, UT on April 10, DO go watch the latest Body Logic Dance Concert (CLICK HERE FOR EVENT DETAILS) and cheer on this amazing dancer!IMG_1889IMG_1828IMG_1940 IMG_1844IMG_1882IMG_2084 IMG_2031IMG_2184IMG_2365 IMG_2127IMG_2671 IMG_2318IMG_2452IMG_2584IMG_2586IMG_3070

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