Mckenzie B has the all the right moves. PART 1

This is one to look out for.

She has leagues of talent, and her grace and uniqueness is unparalleled.

It is always a pleasure to take pictures of great beauty.

McKenzie moves like an angelic ninja serpent bird, and I will always ALWAYS enjoy working with her.
IMG_9175RSIMG_9391RSIMG_9434rsIMG_9331rsIMG_9119RSSquareMcK1RSIMG_9159RSIMG_9114RSIMG_9156RSIMG_9254RSIMG_9242RSIMG_9187RSIMG_9434rsIMG_9420RSIMG_9204RSIMG_9387RSIMG_9219RSIMG_9312RSIMG_9335RSIMG_9294RSIMG_9390RSBONUS POINTS: Dogs (pets in general… especially cats, a girl after my own heart) love her. So there’s that too.


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